Whitsundays Arion Adventure. Learning what’s important again.


One of the reasons for coming up here and spending this time on Arion was to get away from all of the attachments back home that were adding to my depression. Although I have still been spending time online checking emails and Facebook, Instagram and even Grindr occasionally, the enforced rationing of these things between ports and as we sail in and out of service has meant that I have had a lot of spare time on my hands.

When you don’t have access to these things then you have to find other things to do to entertain yourself. It’s like the good old days when the old folks reminisce about having to go outside in the days before play stations and Xbox’s. Okay I’m giving my older readers a little bit of sass but it’s true.

DSCF0376Instead of filling in endless meaningless hours staring at Facebook and Tumblr I have been going to bed early, just after sunset in fact. I’ve been learning to play the Ukulele, reading, hiking through the rain forests and enjoying the sunsets and the spectacular views. These are all things I could just as easily be doing at home, if I wasn’t caught up constantly watching what everyone else is doing online. I can actually survive on only an half an hour of internet a day… shocking I know!

It’s a very good thing. In the depths of my depression I was constantly comparing my life to those of others. I was watching my friends traveling, having successful relationships, progressing their careers and each time I would chastise myself for not having done the same. But being out here with out all the white noise of my life drowning me out, I can begin to remind myself again of all the things I do have, and right now I have a lot. I have an amazing backyard, lots of adventures, good company and good prospects for the future.

There is no doubt that I can’t live without out it completely. The blog is still a huge part of my life and I am enjoying sharing my time on Arion with you all immensely but I came out here for a little perspective and it appears that I have that again.