Arion Adventure. Out to sea.


After a nice day back on land at Airlie we are about to set out on another trip around the islands with the intention of returning on Friday. That means I may not be able to post again for a few days.

IMG_2692I have never travelled like this before. We spent a couple of hours yesterday collecting our supplies, diesel, food, fresh water, etc. I’ve never really thought about the risks of traveling like this, relying on our common sense, skills and equipment to keep us safe. Life rafts, life vests, and emergency beacons have suddenly become part of my vocabulary. Sailing around the Whitsunday Islands is not the most challenging place to sail or the most dangerous by far but there are still coral reefs and sand bars to hit or whales to run over if you are not paying attention.

I guess that there is probably less chance of the Arion sinking than me getting hit my a car in Airlie. She is a good strong boat. Steel hulled, deep and broad of beam she has survived 5 cyclones and sailed over 60,000 kms in her lifetime. Graham my skipper is a very experienced and I feel like I am in very safe hands.