Arion Adventure. Getting over embarrassment.


There is no doubt that the Arion is a small boat, imagine trying to live in your bathroom with only enough room for a small bunk, and a single locker the size of a shoe box for your gear. In such close confines two men getting about the daily business of life takes some adjusting too. Getting changed, going to the toilet, jerking off and all those other things take on a new perspective. When you are living like this there isn’t much room for hang-ups and embarrassment. You learn pretty quickly that you need to just get on with it.

I guess there are always little voices in the back of our heads telling us to be modest, to hide when we get changed or leave the room to fart but living almost in each others pants ( almost ) doesn’t leave us much of a choice.


Nudity is something that we all squeem about but in reality being nude is a much more natural state of being that wearing clothes. It’s only what culture and society teach us that makes us want to cover up. In the beginning I was shy and changed discretely. Now I don’t care. It has to be done so I just get on with the business of it.

I still haven’t had the courage to jerk off yet, that’s still a bridge too far for me to cross but I haven’t blown in nearly a week now and for somebody who can go off three times before breakfast I can feel my back teeth floating.

Ahhh Hang-ups, thou art a wonderful thing LOL

We are heading back out to sea again and I’m going to have to find a way to solve my problem. Luckily for you when I’m horny I like taking lots of racey photographs.