I’m always a bit late to the party but I get there in the end.

Click me So today I discovered the joy of Instagram videos.

I’m kind of like the old guy on his rocker clinging to his shot gun to ward of change. You all know that I love Instagram and it’s minefield of selfies, pictures of peoples lunch (including mine) and cute cat pictures but the recent addition of video to the app left me a little taken aback. I had begun to use cinemagram but I’m definitely an Instavideo convert now.

Today I made 5 short videos before I had even had lunch.

So how is this new development going to change my life? Well I think that video is a much more intimate way to connect with all of you out there following the blog and other Aussie Space Time Traveller sites. It’s different to youtube ( yes I’ve been slack and my new job has kept me from doing videos). Instagram has always been great at letting people capture the little intimate moments without needing to get out the tripod and the hi res camera.

Now before this starts to sound like a plug for Instagram let me make very clear that I consider it just as evil as Facebook. Their recent attempt to steal peoples copyrights was just down right rude. The key I think is not to post anything on there you would be afraid to lose. At thats where the moral of this post lies I think.

When we share our lives we have to learn to let go of those pieces too. We give a little bit of ourselves out to the world and that piece can never be taken back.