Gay 101. The art of the selfie.

402456_10152293439835228_316890946_n With all kinds of social media and lots of temptation to whip out our bits for a little instant gratification, taking selfies has become as much a part of many Gay boys lives as eating, breathing and lube.

But what happens when you take a bad selfie?

We have all seen them and taken them. I’ve had some whoppers that will never see the light of day. Fortunately because we are taking them ourselves most of the terrible ones get deleted. But how can you increase your odds of taking a good selfie? As a serial exhibitionist and an aspiring photographer I have put together a few tips for getting better selfies.

IMG_12321. Lighting. With all the whiz bang filters that many photo apps have nowadays most people snap away and then hope that a filter will fix everything. If you make it arty enough or change it to black and white then she’ll be right mate. But thats not always the case and filters should be used to add coolness and individuality to your pic, they shouldn’t be relied upon to fix bad shots. When you take your shots try to face in to the light. Camera phones are ok but not great where there is a lot of contrast or back lighting. Face into the light and you will get better skin tones, less contrast that brings out bags under the eyes and less graininess in the image. If you’re in your underwear contrast for those body shots is ok but avoid it on your face if you can. If it’s a sunny day try find some shade and avoid direct sunlight.

2. Avoid using the flash. Camera phone flashes should in my opinion only be used when you absolutely have to. They mess up the colours, make you look pasty and grey, bring out shiny sweaty foreheads, make reflections in mirrors and cause red eye. You are better off finding a good spot with a bit of extra light.

IMG_12313. Pick your angle. Shooting from high up or low down changes the composition of your shot. If your snapping yourself in your underwear then angle has a noticeable effect on the shape of your body. Mostly shooting from shoulder height angled slightly down works best but move the camera around. A few seconds to check the composition can make all the difference.

4. Check the background. Photos in bathrooms with an open toilet bowl in the background are just plain yuck, put the lid down. Not to mention I’ve seen shots in guys bedrooms with dildos and all kinds of things in the background. Clubs and other public places are also great places to get photo bombed or run over by a bus as you focus on getting that shot, look around you.

5. Keep the camera at arms length. Camera phones don’t have great lenses and shooting too close will distort the image. Shooting a bit wider also gives you the chance to change the crop in Instagram, Photoshop, Afterlight or whatever app you are using.

6. Finally wear decent underwear. If you need me to explain why then you shouldn’t be taking selfies LOL

So there you have it. Take lots of selfies and enjoy. Recording our lives has become part of who we are, just remember once it’s out there you can never get it back.