I like big butts and I cannot lie!

004Ok I admit it. I like big butts. Not only do I like them but I want one too.

Yes I have discovered Sean Cody this week and finally succumbed to getting a membership. Now before you think this going to be a post about porn let me assure you it is not, well not X rated anyway.

I’ve been enjoying the downloaded goodness of guys like Brandon and Joshua and between opening a fresh box of kleenex and dimming the lights something occurred to me. I have always considered myself an arm man. Give me a rockin set of guns and hard pecs any day, but recently my eyes have been drawn further south.

I guess our tastes change all the time but I am curious to know whether there is any degree of free will here or if we are simply all victims of what happens to be in front of us at the time. Do our tastes change as the culture around us does or is the culture a reflection of our changing tastes. Would I still be attracted to blonde pretty boys if that’s what I was being constantly bombarded with or is my new found lust for a good Caveman more to do with my growing dissatisfaction with fragile little Twinks. I think deep down somewhere these men represent sexual power and strength which is actually not always the case. I have met Twinks who were extremely powerful in their sexuality.

GAH, I fear this is starting to become word vomit, but I guess you can see the cogs of my brain ticking away.


I suspect I am going to get about as much resolution here, as an argument over whether the chicken or the egg came first, but its worth a thought.

It used to be that plastic metrosexual was in. Plucked, shaved pretty boys were the go. Just pick up any magazine from the 5 years ago and you will see what I mean. Then the rough unshaven masculine man appeared and masculinity in all it’s deodorantless glory became the new fetish. I wonder what all those tattooed muscle boys are gonna do with their ink once it goes out of fashion again?

I suppose as we get older we look for different things and as we become more experienced and are exposed to new things we broaden our tastes and what appeals to us. I have never really met any one who has had the one “type” their whole life.

So yes I will admit I like the big muscle butts that I’m seeing on Sean Cody and I’m liking lots of other things too. I’m even keen to work on getting my own muscle butt and my boyfriends is amazing. As I grow and my experience grows I am learning that things are not always that scary and while I have the confidence to walk away from something if I don’t like it, there isn’t really much I won’t give a try.