It’s time for a jockstrap challenge!

Yes folks you all remember the Speedo Challenge well, it’s been too long since we had some fun and seeing as I have found a new stiff interest in jockstraps I thought why not have a jockstrap challenge.

The aim of the game is simple leave a comment on this blog post, fire me a tweet #jockstrapchallenge or email me at with a location where you would like to see me give a cheeky jockstrap flash.

The only rule is 

– Nothing that will get me arrested.

For some added fun I’d love to have some reader inspired pics too. If you are feeling brave enough to take up the challenge with me, check the blog updates for new locations and join in. Send your pics to the email address above and I’ll post them on the blog.

Ok guys… I’m a little nervous but let the games begin!