Gay 101. Is hash tagging yourself as #hot just a little bit lame?

Ok so I am just as desperate for validation sometimes as anybody else and I am perfectly happy to admit that when I am feeling a bit rotten about myself peoples comments do cheer me up.

I think any of us would be a little dishonest if we claimed never to seek the odd compliment to bolster our self esteem, but even I baulk at the idea of hash tagging myself #hotguy, #instahot, #hottie etc, etc.

If you have to tag yourself as hot, then you have to admit that you are doing it because you know people search for the “hot” hash tag and you want to get noticed. You are cashing in on your own perceived hotness to accumulate likes, follows and subs.

When you hash tag yourself you are pointing out to the world not only why you are posting the photo but also why you think it has value. I stumbled upon a photo today with the hash tags,

#handsome, #gorgeous, #stud, #hunk, #sexymen, #sexyboys, & #muscles.

If you have to tell the world how hot you are then are you really that hot anyway?

When you see all those hash tags on somebody else’s picture what do you really think?

What makes someone hot ?

I am totally as guilty of this as anybody else, but the more I think about it the more I find it just a little embarrassing. Sure I post my arse all over the internet and I love your comments. I will use hash tags on Instagram like #bubblebutt, #boxgap, #jockstrap and other descriptive words but when it comes to tagging myself as #hotguy, #sexyguy, instahot, & #stud, I find it just a little bit boastful, comical and quite possibly not true. I mean what happens if somebody thinks I’m not hot? Most likely they will laugh and think, loser with a capital L. I have also been quite happy for people to form their own opinions about me. Some people like me and some people don’t, there is nothing I can do about that.

So when you use a hash tag just remember what it is that you are pointing out about yourself, I know I will be.