I got you all flowers for Valentines Day.

It’s Valentines day and usually, right about now I would be moaning, stuffing my mouth with cup cakes and crying in to a tub of ice cream. 

But not this time.

This time I am joining the legion of sappy, baby talking, gooey eyed lovers who get to spend Valentines day with a cute boy and I LOVE IT.

Valentines day seems to be one of those times when our singledom can weigh on us like a stone on our heart. All the we see are doting couples staring whistfully in to each others eyes, and we want to drive over them with a bus.

Days like Valentines day, Christmas day, Mothers day and Fathers day etc, have become commercial juggernauts  full of advertising designed to make you feel crappy about yourself if you don’t get the perfect gift, or card, or chocolate, or flower, or latest blah blah blah, so that you will spend your hard earned cash on “things” that will apparently make you feel better, make you a good lover, make you a good brother, etc etc.

Often we miss the apparent essence of what these holidays mean, and we forget that these days are just reminders, not used by dates.

So if you are taken, then remember that any day can be Valentines day. Love speaks all the time.

and if you are single remember, love is not only for those “in love”, love is in you everyday to be shared and given. Love life, love the world around you, love your friends and love will find you too. Go out and love as many people as you can today, preferably with rubbers and lube.

And as the Amazing Margret Cho would say, love without restraint, unless you’re in to leather. Then by all means use restraints.

I am off down the coast with my new beau for a couple of days. I’m sure there will be stories to tell when I get back.

Until then,

Happiness abundance and infinite love to you all fellow Space Time Travelers.