5 Great reasons why you don’t need to go to the gym.

People always comment about what kinds of workouts I do, or about why they don’t like gyms. In Gay culture where we hear so much about gyms and why we should be going, it’s important to point out why sometimes it’s great not to go to the gym.

For those of us who don’t like gyms or who cannot afford a membership, protein shakes and personal trainers there are plenty of reasons why you don’t need to go.

Here are 5 to get you started.

The cash.

Imagine all the money you are spending on memberships. If you don’t go to the gym then you are wasting your money. A body weight session with a friend costs nothing and going for a jog is free. Don’t get hung up on the idea that you have to be in a gym to be working out. Push ups, sit ups, chin ups and all kinds of other body weight exercises are great for getting in shape. Don’t forget that buying those protein shakes can get expensive too. Swap those shakes for protein rich fish like Salmon and you will have a great meal too.

The Environment.

Training in the gym can help your motivation by being around like minded people and great equipment, but its not the only great place to work out. Gyms can often be more like a box with no windows or light. Getting out in the sunshine and the fresh air has the added bonus getting you a good dose of vitamin D whilst being able to enjoy the local park or beach at the same time. Getting out of the “house” so to speak also helps you to feel like you have done something with your day and not just wasted it sitting in front of your computer or at your desk. I love going for a ride along the beach or doing pushups in the sand. It’s beautiful and I enjoy my cardio a lot more than just trudging away on the treadmill.

The Attitude.

Gyms can be intimidating. I often feel inadequate at the gym surrounded by guys bigger and more buff than me. Roided up neanderthals grunting and flexing, and primped gym bunnies can make the gym a very uncomfortable place for some. Working out outside is far more relaxing and you can take things at your own time and pace. If you want some privacy you can find a quiet spot in a park or by the beach to do your crunches and push ups or take a lazy jog down to your local cafe for breakfast.

The Ambience.

When I go to the gym I can be pretty much guaranteed to hear the same music played over and over again. It’s almost like water torture. Even when I try to take some of my own beats, the volume of the gyms speakers blasts past my head phones, and all I get is a head ache. Tweeting birds on your early morning jog, the waves on the beach, the gentle breeze or sunshine on your face feels amazing. Not to mention the awesome perve factor.

The change room.

For those of us who are body conscious the change rooms can be an uncomfortable place. They can also be smelly, dirty and breeding grounds for things like Tinea. Jumping in the fresh water shower on the beach after a jog is amazing on a beautiful day, or heading home to your own bathroom has the added bonus of not having to hang out in a change room with a bunch of other guys shaving their balls, blow drying their junk and flexing in the mirror for their latest selfie.

So there you have it… you don’t need to hit the gym to improve your fitness and get in shape. There is nothing stopping you other than your won motivation and desire. Go for it and enjoy all the things that your city or town has to offer and get a healthy dose of life while you are at it.