Have you met Richie?

 He is adorable, has killer a smile and can serenade you. Wanna date him? Yeh you know you want to.

I remember moving to Sydney and going out on the scene as a newbie watching all the beautiful guys around me. I used to sit in the corner and watch all these amazing fashionable boys in with their perfect hair and incredible style and wish I too could be one of the cool kids. It’s around this time that I spotted Richie, I never actually thought I would get the chance to speak to the guy.

Richie is a singer whose easy smile and disarming eyes give a glimpse of the creative soul within. I have worked with creative people all my short life. Dancers who can’t sit still, writers who can’t put the pen down and singers who just have to sing, even if it’s on their own. When I ask him why he sings he just laughs, “I dunno” he says, “It’s just natural”.

After studying music for two years at the Australian institute of music Richie has been singing his way across Sydney at bars, clubs, weddings and other such places. He was even lucky enough to make it through the producers rounds on X Factor. Richie recently moved north and although he has returned to Sydney to be with family he say’s his time away taught him many things including how to be self reliant. His confidence has increased.

So what does a boy do while he is waiting for his big break? He sings and sings and sings.

“I do it everyday, It makes me happy and I express myself through it” he say’s.

“I am studying now to be a teacher so I can teach young kids about music and to follow their dreams”.

I think you can be sure you will be seeing more of Richie in the future and if you want to hear more check out his youtube channel.

And if you can help him get that break he needs do it, the world needs more song.

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  • December 14, 2012 at 1:32 am

    I like his smile.


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