Time out. My day as Bike Boy

As part of my rebalancing act I decided to turn off my computer, get out of the house and spend a little bit of time tuning out and taking time out. Spring is finally here and as the weather is warming up it’s getting easier and easier to hit the trails with the bike.

The warm day yesterday meant that the beach was looking more and more tempting and the best way to get there is by bike! I can’t tell you how much fun I have on the bike and so it’s the perfect vehicle to blast away those cobwebs. You know the cobwebs I mean. The cloudiness that you get in your head after working away in front of a screen day after day trapped in a dark room while the sun shines outside.

You all know about my lycra fetish and yesterday was no exception. It was a hot sunny day so I decided on a loose singlet, wrestling tank and speedo. I have to admit the shirt came off as soon as I hit the beach trails. Despite what you may think there are times when my exhibitionist streak conflicts with my sense of self consciousness. I felt quite “exposed” riding in just the blue tank but after a while I stopped noticing the looks and was able to enjoy the ride.

I started by heading down to Sandridge beach. It’s a notorious cruising area and although I was only there to cool off for a little while I couldn’t help noticing the “meerkats” in the bushes. I guess I am not the only one that gets horny in the warm weather. It seems to me also that Turquoise is in this year. There were a lot of turquoise speedos on the beach including mine. After a dip and a bake I did a lap on my bike and noticing the lack of hunky football players kept on riding.


I headed back through Port Melbourne and back towards St Kilda. The thing that I miss the most about Sydney is the surf. Melbourne is on a bay and there is no surf. To find the surf you have to travel two hours by car from the city. Not an easy journey on a bike. The beaches here are nice enough but mostly the water in only waste deep. I was once told that if you drew the bay on a piece of a4 paper, the average depth of the water would be no thicker than the paper itself.

St Kilda is my old stomping ground. I was born close to there and I lived there for a short while when I moved back to Melbourne. Do you remember the old self portrait of me sitting on the pier eating noodles with my camera and book? St Kilda is a vibrant area where all the hot straight boys from the suburbs come to play in the water.

I had to giggle to myself a few times, it’s not so much a beach as it is an impromptu catwalk for Fake Ed Hardy, bad tribal tattoos and Bintang singlets.

You get all types down there, from the Jersey Shore Muscle boys to the European back packers and everything in between. It’s only the start of the warm weather but there was WAY too much fake tan floating around. One trio in particular caught my eye. I nearly fell of my bike.

The next stop was Brighton. I have to admit I felt a lot more comfortable here. It was quieter and chilled and the trail here is quite pretty. It winds along the beach through parks and over canals. There were lots of signs with the “C” blacked out. I guess everybody is a comedian. By now my quads were burning again to I decided to look for a nice spot to rest and have a swim. The best part of the day was the timelessness of it. No clocks to watch and no phones to stare at constantly for the time. I left the house at around 1 and I didn’t even look at my clock again until nearly 5 o’clock. I highly recommend it. I just wandered the trails stopping whenever I wanted for a drink or a dip.

By the time I got home I was thoroughly exhausted, covered in salt and my legs felt like jelly but it was the best day I have had out in a long time. In my pursuit of work I had put off many times having great days out like these but yesterdays little reminder was well worth the effort. I have decided to take at least one afternoon a week off now to go ride somewhere with the bike. My last few trips have been along the beach so I think I’ll head up the River for my next trip. I might even take the bike out around some of the national parks if I get the chance.

The important thing now is that even this little change has made me feel re-energised and refocussed. This Thursday I head off the the Whitsundays for a week to photograph resorts