What’s up?

Many of you will have noticed my absence last week.

It seems that life has made a point of keeping me busy. Not only have I been working a lot lately but I have been keeping busy doing other things too.

I have to admit that my inspiration for the blog waned over the past week and a lot of the posts that I had planned fell behind. A few weeks ago I asked for readers to contribute to the blog. It is my hope to bring some new perspectives to the site. The offer stands. If any of you have issues that you want to write about or stories that you want to share then please share them with me. Those of you who have sent me contributions can be sure to see them very soon.

What threw me out last week was a very serious hit to my confidence in my work. After working so hard to secure work and after finally starting on some very serious projects I started to suffer doubts. Some of my work was not received as well as I had hoped and after having worked so long and so hard it was a body blow.

As an artist I am constantly struggling with my work. I think it is something that every artist does? I question the quality, the originality and the validity of the work. As these questions become worries and worries become stress, I start to over think and in the end I become so tense that the work suffers even more. It was the case in this instance. I was so focussed on doing a good job that I choked and ended up doing an average job.

So after bumming around and getting depressed last week I decided that the best way out of the problem was to do the next job so well that it would completely blow the first one out of the water. When in doubt, suck it up and be awesome! It’s at times like these that we can either walk away or we can put our faith in ourselves and our ability and get back to work. The best thing about screwing up is that it brings in to very sharp focus what needs to be done to make sure that it never happens again. It makes you even more determined to succeed and it makes your work even better. I am excited to say that my latest work is some of my best yet.