Gay 101. If you can’t come out, then get out.

Being in the closet isn’t easy for anyone but it doesn’t mean that life can’t be amazing.

There are so many reasons we use to limit ourselves and what we believe we can achieve. Don’t let being in the closet become one of them.

Getting yourself out and enjoying life will also help you to discover who you are, meet people who can become great friends and help you develop the strength and confidence to be the kind of person you want to be. It’s life’s experiences that help us to develop our sense of who we are and as the people around you see your passion for life they will be drawn to your positive energy.

When we suffer from a low sense of self worth or we worry about how others will accept who we are, we can sometimes hesitate to allow ourselves to live out our dreams. We either feel unworthy or reluctant to fully engage with the world and the people around us for fear of being hurt. Yet is it precisely getting out of the house and building relationships and friendships that help us the most if we do finally make the choice to come out. Strong bonds of friendship that have have been formed through mutual experience are what get us through the tough times, give us aid and comfort when we need it, and give us a support network to lean on.

Don’t allow being in the closet to stop you from having all kinds of amazing experiences. Being gay is only a fraction of who we are. Our dreams and our desires are much bigger than our sexuality and there is so much in life to do.

Get out there and shake it!