Gay 101. Get off on a little attention!

Whether you are young or old, experienced or green there is one thing that we all can appreciate… position, position, position!

We have all heard the term “Starfish”. For those of you who don’t know it, it refers to a person who just lies flat on their back and expects their partner to do all the work. In my experience anybody can be a star fish regardless of looks or age.

One trick I have in my book when I am interested in a guy, is to check out his dancing style. If they can shake it on the dance floor then there is a good chance they know how to move it between the sheets too, though not every rule is absolute.

Having a few tricks in your sexual bag doesn’t mean being a slut or being promiscuous. Knowing how to press your partners buttons doesn’t mean you have to get in a lot of practice. A little bit of common sense, research and attention can help you up your game to a whole new level, and leave you looking like a couple of monkeys climbing over each other to get at that elusive banana.

Make a point of noticing your partners reactions to your technique. Do they moan or cringe when you bite a nipple? Does something draw a reaction? Do they like it when you lick their eyeball? Do they moan when you suck their toes?

Here are a few tips for getting a little more fun from your trysts.

– Move.

Get your groove on. Touch is a powerful tool and you have five limbs that can move, grind, poke, entwine and tickle your partner. You don’t have to be johnny everywhere but if your gonna find those buttons you have to get in the game.

– Reaction.

Watch for your partners reactions. Do their toes curl, do they grip the sheets, do they bite their lip or cringe? I once had a guy bite my nipples so hard I jumped from the bed, and he still tried again. Then there was another guy who tried licking the soles of my feet. After 3 attempts I was completely turned off.

– Listen.

If they moan you can be pretty sure that you are on to something good. If they cry OUCH then you can be pretty sure you need to stop. If they say don’t stop then don’t stop and if they don’t make a sound at all, check their pulse. Easy huh!

– Pace.

Slow and steady wins the race but fast and furious can get you to the messy end just as effectively. A combination of both is always the most fun. There is nothing worse than things finishing just as you begin to warm up. Be a little selfish. If you want things to last then paying attention to your partner will avoid an early finish… hopefully.

Sex is a two person game (at least), and taking some time to notice what works and what doesn’t work for your partner is very important. If you are just going to lie on your back and wait to be pleased then you are missing out on a whole lot more fun and probably won’t get a second round.