Facebook’s Hypocrisy is blatant Homophobia. Warning Disturbing content.

Apparently this following image was just far too sexy for Facebook.

It’s no surprise and not even news, that Facebook’s blatant hypocrisy when it comes to pictures of the male body in association with Gay orientated material and pages is legendary. Moreover they make no attempt to even hide the fact that it’s policy is only enforced seriously in relation to GLBTI content.

That they do not even attempt to hide their complicity in enabling homophobia on their sites is insulting to every GLBTI person who uses the site. I am under no illusions about the fact that when you are given something for free it is because YOU are the product. Facebook has made a lot of money off the backs of our personal information but don’t tell me that it is here for everyone. Make no mistake… they only tolerate our content because they make money from it.

Trawl Facebook for even 1 moment and you will find pictures like the images below. Sexually explicit pictures of young girls masturbating, kissing, and posing in sexually suggestive positions. The sheer fact that there are thousands of these images and that these pages have existed long enough to have tens of thousands of followers is proof of the discriminatory way in which Facebook enforces it’s community guidelines.

If anybody knows of an alternative to Facebook where GLBTI content is not censored could you please let me know, as I would love to change over.

In the meantime please enjoy the image below as a cool balm to wash away these “bodacious babes”.

And now to finish on a positive note…