Easter Egg hunt.

Well with easter fast approaching it’s time for a little bit of fun.

What would Easter be without an Easter Egg hunt? Except that this time there are no eggs, just a list of things for you to hunt down. All of the items in the hunt can be found on this blog. All you have to do is look, put the items or links in an email and send it to,


The first person who finds every egg will win a special Easter Treat… A pair of Speedo’s that have been wrapped around my very own set of Easter eggs and hot crossed bunz 😉

This is meant to be a bit of fun guys so enjoy it. You have until 9am Local Melbourne time, Monday the 9th of April. Good luck guys 🙂

The list of eggs.

1. A picture of me with an Elephant, wearing a Speedo .

2. A picture of me on some kind of Public transport in a Speedo.

3. A picture of me in a fountain in a Speedo.

4. A picture of me with a hot friend in Speedos.

5. The picture that “started it all”.

6. A picture of me in a blue apron.

7. A picture of me wearing only black.

8. A picture of me wearing my Surf Club Speedo. I’ll give you a clue, it’s not red.

9. A picture of me in front of the Speedos Cafe.

10. A picture of me with a Cowboy.