Instagram me baby!

I am pretty slow when it comes to discoveries like these. I always seem to be saying, “wow check this out”, only to be told, “um, thats been around for ages”.

One of my favorite recent discoveries has been the instagram ap for my phone. As a photographer I have been a big fan of hipstamatic but found it hard to use quickly. Instagram offers a much more limited selection of filters but is easy to use when you just want to take a quick snap. You can even use photos from you galleries in your iPhone.

It also seems that we humans always manage to put the sexy in to it. Instagram is not only a treasure trove of amazing images  but you can find all kinds of man candy there too.

Now some people have asked me in the past how I feel as a photographer about all these amazing apps coming out. People ask if I am worried that photographers will become a dying breed?

There will always be a place for photographers as people who see beauty and art in the world around us and there will always be a need for people who can take good pictures. Creativity is something machines can never replace.

One of the things I love most about photography is that when I am wearing my photographers hat, even the smallest of things take on a new significance and beauty. There is a life lesson in that. People now post pictures of mundane things. Coffee cups, flowers, their breakfast, shoes, rain and anything else they care to notice and share. The result of this kind of online awakening is an increased awareness of the world around us. It has been a life lesson for me and I would never begrudge such an awakening to anybody else. If more of us saw the beauty in the small things and took time to appreciate the world around us then the world would be a much happier place.