>Just how bad does it really suck?


I was walking home the other day with my housemate and we were enjoying the sun and the warm weather. Some how the topic of just how lucky we are came up in the conversation. It’s easy sometimes to forget just how lucky we are. We get caught up in our day to day lives and the problems we face really do seem to be a big deal. We judge our misfortunes relative to our lifestyle.

Will that pair of jeans be on sale?
Why can’t I get my internet going?
Why are bananas so expensive this week?
Who ate the last piece of cake?

It’s easy to live in a modern country, walk freely down the street sucking down a protein shake, wearing warm clothing and enjoying the freedom to speak about whatever we wish and not even think twice about it.

We all have troubles in our life but every now and then it’s nice to remind ourselves to have a little perspective. The fact is that if you can walk down the street without fear of being killed, have access to clean drinking water, a roof over your head, can read, have a full stomach or any one of a million things we take for granted any day then life really isn’t that bad,

is it?