It’s like being 14 again.

 So as many of you will know I recently acquired a bike thanks to my brother. I have been getting a little bored with swimming lately and I was looking for another way to get my cardio exercise. My brother dropped the bike off about a week ago and I have to admit I was feeling like a very excited 14yo boy.

I don’t drive or own a car and it caught me a little by surprise just how much I was looking forward to be able to ride again. It was like I was getting my independence all over again. Do you remember those days riding around town with your mates? Those were the days when we began to take our first tentative steps out into the world and begin to assert our independence.

I have some great memories of riding. I used to live in the mountains in the outer east of Melbourne and riding a bike was essential, then when we moved closer to the city my bike became my doorway to the community.

As much as this love affair with my bike existed I have never had a very good record on bikes. I am a nervous rider. My history on a bike is punctuated by stacks in to all kinds of stationary objects, riding off the top of a storm drain and numerous ball cracking, lung evacuating, ass breaking crashes. I have had teeth knocked out and been cover in my own blood… still it was always great fun.

There were many things that we did as kids to satisfied our sense of adventure and exploration. As we get older we tend to lose track of the things that brought wonder in to our lives. Certainly as age and experience mature we find new challenges. The small things that brought adventure in to our lives become mundane. But it’s seeing the beauty in the mundane that teaches us to appreciate the moment.

The added benefit of riding is that my butt and legs are gonna get awesome LOL. My thighs were so sore after my first ride. You know the good kind of sore when you have worked hard. After a week of riding I have already noticed my legs getting stronger. I am now planning on taking part in a triathlon later in April. I have not been brave enough to ride with the camera yet but I am sure that is coming. For now I have discovered Instagram on my iPhone. If you want to follow me just look for “aussiespacetimetraveller”. I’ll try not to just fill it up with photos of me in my underwear.

Ill see you out there. Happy Trails x