>I have noticed that you seem to have a fondness for singlets. Do you enjoy wrestling either as a sport or an erotic activity?


There’s a difference?

Actually I would love to try wrestling but I think it may be for the wrong reasons. I used to have a mate and we both indulged our sports gear fetish by getting together and trying on each others gear. The wrestling gear was especially fun. It helped too that he was ridiculously hot. We usually ended in a sweaty pile.

I remember one day we both went to a park and wore running tights and jockstraps. His were white and you could see everything. Mine were orange and were almost see through. We must have looked quite the site. We were both ridiculously turned on by it. Running, stretching etc.

It was the first time I had ever done anything like that. Now it’s not uncommon for me to wear a jock under my gym or running shorts. Occasionally ill wear a singlet when I go out for a run on a really hot night or along the beach. People usually think nothing of it because a lot of guys wear them for triathlon training around here.