Hi man, I think ur an awsome guy and I love ur blog. U have a great body and look amazing in a speedo. I workout hard and would like to wear a speedo when i do laps at the public pool. How do u not only get the body but the confidence to wear a speedo?

My Mum put me in swimming lessons when I was very young and so I started wearing a speedo from about the age of 5 or 6. I guess for me it seemed natural as well as being perfectly practical. How anybody would swim laps in board shorts is beyond me. However I got to high school and obviously wearing a speedo caused much joking and embarrassment. Guys around school used to call them meat hangers and all kinds of other names. Still they were practical and I insisted on wearing them for swimming. The members of my swimming squad all wore them and it was never a problem amongst that company. So my confidence came from the fact that I always wore them. I didn’t really know any different.

Confidence is a funny thing. It’s like a muscle, you have to work it out to make it stronger. There is no magic formula to become confident.

The quote on my desk calendar today says “Good looks have little to do with one’s body and everything to do with one’s mind”.

I think it’s very appropriate to this post. How you look in your speedo has everything to do with how you hold yourself in public. How you feel when you wear it, and owning it! Ok sure a great physique helps but what makes a great physique? Everybody likes something different.

I get asked a lot about my work-out routine. I am reluctant to give advice on this because I am not a trainer and bad advice can result in serious injury. If people are serious then they should speak to somebody more qualified. I will say that I go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week if I can and for about 9 months in Sydney worked consistently with an awesome trainer (anyone in Sydney who wants his details should email me). I do weights to build my shoulders, back, chest and arms. I used to swim to work my legs and get some cardio, but I have since gotten bored with swimming and now I like to ride my bike.

As far as wearing a speedo in public goes… start with something conservative. A plain black or blue speedo is the work horse of my wardrobe. They look like you mean business. Strut around like you have been swimming in the Olympics for years, own the place and nobody will care. It’s all about location and context. Wearing your pink Cock Sox with the built in support and cock ring at the local pool will just get you arrested and that will dent you confidence for sure. Remember confidence is like a muscle. Start with a light workout wearing them around the house and nice low key pair at the pool and then slowly wear them more and more. You will love it I promise and before you know it you’ll be marching up the street in them.

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