Anatomy of a Mardi Gras suitcase.

I packed my bags today for Mardi Gras. It’s always fun to take a step back and look over the items ready to be tucked away. You can get a picture of what the weekend is going to be like. Imagine discovering my bag in a thousand years time. I wonder what they would think. Those of you who like the CSI series will enjoy deciphering what all of this means. I am sure you will get a picture of the kind of trip away I am planning.

1. Outfit number 1, Wrestling suit. Lycra, red and very sexy.

2. Laptop for blogging and other assorted online shannonigans.

3. Outfit number 2, Leather Harness and arm band. Hot times ahead !

4. Jockstrap, just because they are awesome.

5. Gym gear, for those last minute workouts.

6. Casual wear. Because even I wear clothes eventually.

7. Underwear. 3 pairs. Cotton briefs.

8. Outfit number 3, mesh undies for Underwear Party. Assorted holes and tears.

9. Speedos… Natch!

10. Patrol Caps. Uniform for the march.

11. Rubbers and lube. Because we play safe.

12. Assorted grooming products including glitter, moisturizer, sun tan cream. Because we like to look and smell amazing.

13. Assorted singlets and t-shirts. Because if I do decide I need a shirt then it’s good to have one handy.

As well as the assortment of gear in this picture I’ll be taking the camera and a few other personal items to make the trip more comfortable. You can expect lots of pictures and updates this year.