Midsumma Carnival 2012


Every year the Melbourne Queer community celebrates Queer Culture with the Midsumma festival. The festival runs over a couple of weeks and includes all kinds Queer Cultural events culminating in the Carnival in a Melbourne park called Birrarung Marr. The Carnival has the usual entertainment and stalls, dance party and perving all alongside occasionally indistinguishable, Drag and Dog shows.

These events are a great way for all of us to come together and see parts of our community that don’t venture out on the club scene. This year I was impressed by the diversity of our community, particularly with the number of sports clubs and groups that I hadn’t noticed before.

Melbourne turned on a spectacular day for the event.

I finally managed to grab a shot with Australian diver Mattew Mitcham. I have been after one ever since I met him.

Thanks also to all the awesome blog buddies who came and said hello. It was great to see so many of you having a great time in the sun.

As I wandered the stalls checking out the speedo boys, cute twinks and dodging the survey volunteers is was impressed by
the diversity in our community. It is just as diverse and varied as the community at large. It’s almost like a mirco version of the world. It’s easy to think that our community boils down to the Jocks, twinks, gym bunnies, drag queens, bears, circuit queens and Silver foxes. This is simply not true. There are so many different people in between the stereotypes.

You only need to look at the kinds of organisations and sports represented at an event like this to see that Queer culture and queer people pervade all aspects of the mainstream community and organisations. To me this is what pride is about. Standing up and saying yes I am out there, I am part of the community and I am not going anywhere.