>I don’t need to ask for more time,

>I recently posted a pic of my diary goals for this year. John commented that I had asked for more of everything except time.

I don’t need to ask for more time, because time is the one thing I can make.
Everyday I hear people saying,
I wish there were more hours in the day.
I wish I could go to the gym.
I wish I had more time for myself.
I wish I had more time.
Time though is the one thing that we always can find more of.
How many hours a day do you spend in front of the TV, watching porn, staring at the mirror, in bed, on facebook and just generally wandering about?
When ever people tell me they don’t have time for something I tell them,
“you will never have time, unless you make time”.
How many times a day do we hit the snooze button on life? How often do we sit on our perky asses and say “meh, ill do it later”?
It’s simple really. We all have busy lives and in todays world things just seem to be getting faster and faster but if you spend an hour at the gym instead of on the couch or take half an hour to read that book you have always wanted to start will the world end? Will your life fall apart? Whats stopping you from taking a moment and making time!