>Gay 101. The tongue tornado.

>I met a guy once while I was away. We had dinner and one thing led to another.

His tongue was amazing.

There are 3 spots on my body that drive me absolutely crazy and he managed to find all three of them. I still get the tingles in my pants when I think about it.

The tongue is often the one sexual organ that we seem to forget about. As gay men we often get pre-occupied with dicks and bubble butts. We forget that sex is about the whole body and not just the genitals.

Paying attention to our partners, enjoying foreplay, the exploration of each other and what gets us off is part of the fun of sex. For young people and especially young Gay guys there is a fixation on Anal and oral sex. Remember though that variety is the spice of life.

One of the most fun ways of exploring your partners body is with your tongue. Believe me I have been on the receiving end of the tongue tornado and it’s something you don’t want to miss.

So here is a list of some of the places you may find a little tickle with your tongue will result in hours of happy fun time.


I once had a guy make me cum, just from chewing on my ear. Nibbling gently on your partners ears is one way to drive him wild. Keep it dry though. There is a reason bullies give wet willies… they are not pleasant and neither is an ear full of spit. Gently nibbling and licking the ear lobes is a great way to turn up the heat.


The nape or side of the neck just above the shoulders is a great place for gentle kisses and the odd nose tickle. Avoid diving straight in to give your guy a love bite. Be gentle and let the rest attend to itself.

The small of the back.

This one drives me totally wild. A little tickle here and I am just about anybodies.  A few gentle licks and kisses here and your guys will be cooing for more.

The Lower abs.

A great place to start as you work your way on down to other things.

The back of the knees.

A great place to try as you work your way up to other things.

The toes.

On the few occasions that a guy has sucked on my toes I have ended up writhing around between fits of laughter and moaning.

This list is by no means complete. The point of this post after all is to inspire you to explore. Try a few of the above with an ice block in your mouth. Mix and match, add your own discoveries to the list and as with all things be attentive, have fun, and always play safe!