>Gay 101. The Hanky code


This weekend as we chilled out on Sunday around the couch the topic of the Gay Hanky code came up in the conversation.

It did not surprise me to find out that most of my friends had never heard of the hanky code.

The Hanky code was created by Gay men in the 1970’s as a means of communicating their sexual preferences and availability. Today we have access to online dating, Grindr and all manner of media to find love and sexual partners that were not available 30-40 years ago. Not to mention that there were very, very few safe places for Gay men to meet. No Clubs or bars in the same sense of what we have today.

The Hanky code is still used and I have on occasion deployed it myself. It is most commonly used in leather bars where combinations of coloured hanky’s and armbands are used in what is sometimes referred to as “flagging”.

The colour and position of the hanky have meaning. If you wear the band on the Right it means you are the bottom or you want to receive. Wear it on the Left and it means you want to top or you want to give.

Here are the colours I have been able to find.

Now for the interesting part, what hanky/s would
you wear and where?

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine 😉