>If you had to choose between your camera and speedos what would you choose?


Hmmm, good question but I am afraid that there is only one answer.

I would pick my camera every time.

I am a photographer, it’s that simple. As much as I love my Speedos, wait LOOOOOOOOVE my Speedos, taking pictures is my life. I could still preserve my tanlines by just going swimming in my tightie whities… oh the scandal LOL.

In all seriousness though I just love taking pictures. If I feel sad I grab my camera. If I feel happy I grab my camera. If I am bored I grab my camera. I earn my living with my camera.

More than all those things though photography for me is a passion I don’t think I could give up. Speedos are a passion too. Don’t get me wrong. Giving up my Speedos would result in hours spend forlornly staring in to sports wear stores or begging on the streets for anyone who had some spare lycra. I am sure though, that I could find a nice square leg or short but it just wouldn’t be the same.

My Speedos represent to me not only many happy memories of lifesaving, waterpolo, swimming and sexy nights spent with friends but also a hard journey of self acceptance from an awkward pimply teenager to having the confidence to dance on bars in Speedos, walk around the streets and even go swimming in fountains wearing only the briefest of suits. It is something that I struggled with for a long time. Giving up my Speedos would be hard because of this, but it would in no way diminish those achievements.

Somebody suggested I could use my Speedo as a camera bag. Thats not a bad idea but Im not sure I could resist putting it on, and then how would it look?

My camera represents for me a long journey of self discovery. I struggled for a long time to find what I was passionate about. The world through my camera is an amazing place and I would never give that up. Through my camera I have learnt to see the beauty in the little things. To look for the extraordinary in the mundane and to see what others miss.

My camera is an extension of my body. I could no more give it up than I could cut of and arm or a leg.