>It’s show time!


So as you know 11.11.11 opened at the Hotel Max here in Melbourne on Friday last week. The opening was a success and it seems that its been a bit of a proverbial cork in the bottle for me.

It’s always a little unnerving putting your work in the public domain for validation and critique, but that is the realm of the artist. It always surprises me what different people take from my work. I am showing seven pieces in this current show and of the seven the one I was happy with the least was the first to sell. Art really is in the eye of the beholder.

Before this show like any, I was not feeling very confident in my work. This is why it’s so important to put your work out there. The feed back that I got from people viewing my work was not only positive but also very encouraging.

The artwork that I have decided to hang is an extension of the theme that I began in Sydney of taking dancers in to city spaces and then combining movement with a sense of context in the everyday use of that space.

It was work first shown in the State of design festival. I decided to show it again as this time I would have the chance to present it to a very different audience.

The exhibition itself is a collaboration of 5 artists and uses the upstairs space of the Pub/Hotel. It is intended to bring art out of the galleries and give local artists the chance to bring their work to the people outside of the stuffy art scene.

But back to my cork…

The opening and the feedback and discussions with people enjoying my work was just what I needed to push through a bit of a block I have been having. This time though it was not a creative block. The block was in the Business side of my brain this time.

Working for yourself is hard. I have been trying all kinds of things to try and promote my work. Sending samples to businesses, chasing up leads, suggesting work that I could to for past clients. It is disheartening when you get knocked back, especially when you see others working. You begin to doubt yourself. You begin to doubt your work.

At the moment I have a very close friend and to say that her advice has been invaluable is an understatement. I can take a beautiful picture but my business acumen is more than lacking. Having people in your life who can compliment your own knowledge with your own is an extremely important thing. Not only does it teach you humility but understanding the value of what others have to say will open you to a whole world of possibility.

If you are in Melbourne you can still check out the show on the 1st floor of the Max Hotel on Commercial rd, Prahran.