>Happy Halloween. Set free your inner Zombie.


Give me your BRAINS…

Happy Halloween everyone. It’s a Halloween Bonanza post and your all invited hehe.

As most of you know if you have been following the fanpage, I LOVE Halloween. It’s the one holiday of the year that I wish Australians did better, although it seems to be building bigger and better each year.

Last year I got to spend Halloween in Sydney on Oxford st. This year Melbourne did not disappoint. Although Halloween is technically tonight, the festivities have been going all weekend.

The Halloween parties so far have been lots of fun. There is nothing quite like getting out the fake blood and heading out for a night of drunken Zombie madness. What is it about being in costume that allows us to let our hair down. It is amazing how many of us set free our inner zombie.

We all have an inner Zombie. That part of us that just wants to cut loose and eat some brains. It’s our inner child. The part of us that loves to dress up, eat candy and run around grunting and playing the fool. Many of us allow our inner Zombie to be crushed by work, bills, family, and all manner of modern day responsibilities. But our inner Zombie is always there. He reminds us that harmless fake blood covered fun is part of life. He reminds us to indulge and to have a laugh.

So for the last couple of days I have been indulging my inner Zombie. Firstly with a couple of Halloween parties on Saturday night. I have to say I might have over indulged on the Zombie Brew just a little bit but hey… it’s a party. Sporting my fake blood and shark bite I was surrounded by all kinds of dark and undead characters along side the odd super hero. Every party has it’s poopers who don’t dress up but in the end they were the minority. Cmon guys… next Halloween join us, JOOOOOIN USSSSS!

After party number two we headed of to one of the local clubs in our Halloween gear. After dealing with the usual disgusting Melbourne Taxi’s who routinely refuse fares under $15.00  we ended up having a great night at the Peel (Grinding in your speedos is awesome hehe). Although there were not as many people in costume as there were back in Sydney, the atmosphere was still alive with prospect of the long weekend. Yes we Australians do love our long weekends.

On Sunday morning I decided to get up and head down to the Melbourne Zombie shuffle. I have to admit after the nights festivities I did feel very much like a Zombie. The Zombie Shuffle is a world wide event that takes place in cities all around the globe. Thousands of people dress up like Zombies and shuffle through their local city staging fake Zombie attacks and brain munching. There was enough fake blood around to sink a battleship full of Zombie sailors and some people had put together some amazing outfits. The city came to a stand still as literally thousands of Zombies shuffled their way down the streets shouting “what do want? BRAINS, when do we want it? BRAAAAINS”.

The Occupy movement seemed to be a big theme this year with Occupy Brains on a lot of peoples mind. I have to admit that I was very excited to be there with my camera. It’s not often that you get the chance to photograph something like this and to put together shoot like this myself would be a serious undertaking. The moral is to take advantage of opportunities where ever you can. The weather was cold and dark too which only added to the brooding mood of the day.

Despite the blood and gore there was a wonderful atmosphere of camaraderie in the air. People were very friendly and you could walk up to anyone and chat about BRAINS or where they got their Zombie gear. If only we didn’t need all the fake blood and guts to make this happen everyday.

Here are a few photos from the Shuffle. You can see more by going to my facebook page.

I can’t wait for tonight hehe, bring on the tricks… oh and the treaters too.