>Do you believe in love at first sight or is it really just lust at first sight?


I do believe in love at first sight. My last two significant boyfriends were cases of this. Obviously physical attraction plays a part but I remember meeting them vividly. My first Boyfriend tapped me on the shoulder on a dancefloor. He always told me that he could remember the look on my face. I remember he took my breath away and I felt like I had been struck by lightning. We are still great friends. The second was introduced to me by a mutual friend. I remember being completely smitten from the moment we met. It would be easy to say it was lust at first sight but lust fades eventually where love remains. Those two relationships lasted for a total of 5 years, lust as I have found it tends to last only a couple of hours.

So how do you know if you are in love or in lust…

I think only time can tell. Physical attraction and lust are strong emotions that can blind us to a lot of things. They are often mistaken for love, and they fade over time. Love too can fade but the difference that the attraction is more than just purely physical. We often talk about the 6 month honeymoon period in relationships.

It refers to the first six months where everything is shiny and new and our worlds revolve completely around our new loves. It is the time when you are exploring each other and really learning who your new love is. Once this euphoria of being in love passes and you have gotten to know your partner warts and all the real test begins.

Your love making takes on a new dimension. You will know it when it happens, it’s something indefinable but sex is always better with somebody you love. The crazed heat of lust is replaced with intimacy and a deeper connection.

Relationships require nurture, love, work and compromise. somebody who is simply in lust is unlikely to see these things through. Somebody who was only invested in your bedroom antics will not stick around when you decide you want to settle down.