>Back to basics


Sorry for my absence over the last few days. There has been a lot going on and I have been trying to keep up with it all. Work is quite busy at the moment and I am going to be travelling again over the next 3 months. It looks like I may be in a different city almost every weekend again. 
It’s always exciting travelling for work and even though it’s like riding a whirlwind sometimes I am loving every second. I just spent a weekend in Sydney on a secret project and had a ball. I did manage to get some time to myself and was able to see some friends that I have not seen since I moved to Melbourne.
When you are busy with work and travel it is easy to get run down and end up with a cold, which is exactly what I have done. Too many late nights and too much physical activity over the weekend has left me feeling a little under the weather.
When this happens the best thing you can do is sleep. It’s frustrating because I have not been as disciplined with my gym work this winter and it shows (sad face).
Luckily there is always a silver lining if you are willing to see it. Working weekends and travelling not only means I am going to be saving money but also giving my liver a break and not going out.
I don’t go out much anyway but taking a three month break from the clubs will be good.
Over the next three months I will be getting back to the basics. Eating well, working hard, relaxing hard and hitting the gym. It is amazing now how closely my mood is linked to the amount of time I am spending in the gym. I am sure there is a blog post for self examination there.
Stay tuned guys there is lots more to come.