>Speedos and I, a love affair.


It occurred to me today that with all of this talk about Speedos I have never actually taken the time to sit down and talk about how my love affair with Speedos began. They are such a large feature of my life that it would be remiss of me in the middle of the Speedo bonanza not to shed some light on my own personal love affair with the speedo.

Right from a very early age, before I started school my parents had me in swimming classes. My Mum told me once that I was not always so find of the water. It took a very patient swimming teacher to get me to even venture in to a pool. It is at this point I should thank my parents and my swimming teacher for being so persistent. I cannot imaging life without being able to go for a swim.

Speedos were a natural thing for me to wear. It never even occurred to me to wear anything else in the pool until I arrived in high school and I realised that all the “cool” kids preferred to wear those aweful board shorts. Our school was not all that focussed on athletics and even our swim team was an odd assortment of swimmers in all kinds of gear with no real uniform. I tried swimming in the ridiculous shorts but quickly found to be similar to trying to swim in a raincoat so I persisted with wearing speedos much to the delight of the older kids and the bullies. I quickly earned the nickname “woody” scoring an 8 out of 10 for my package at one school swimming carnival.

It was during Highschool that I began to see Speedos as more than something purely functional. The interschool competitions that we competed in became my favourite part of the school year as I began to awaken to my sexuality. I still have a vivid memory of one half of a pair of identical twins from my school getting changed next to me in the locker room. You know the kind, blonde, popular, on the football team and with bod that could melt steel all wrapped in a black speedo.

Gradually as my confidence increased I began to notice other guys noticing me in my Speedos, particularly my favorite pair which was bright flouro green and had my first fumbling Speedo encounter in the change rooms of the local pool. After that I was totally hooked.

With my awakening sense of myself I began to notice that speedos were not only great to swim in but were also very practical. They were easy to wash on camp, were comfortable to wear and didn’t ride up. Not only that but they felt great. I began to wear them all the time under my uniform, under my jeans and to bed.

Gradually the speedo began to become synonymous with all the things that I enjoyed in life. Swimming, water-polo, life saving and body boarding. I now wear them more than I wear underwear.