>Opportunity now, possibility later.


I was having dinner with a close friend tonight and our conversation turned to an opportunity she had and her reluctance to take it partly because of her uncertainty of what might happen in the future.

It made me think about just how much we miss in the present because of what we think “may”happen.

Can you think of an opportunity you have turned down because you were worried what the future may hold?

We ask for things all the time. We want a better job, more money, a lover, travel, more opportunity and much more.

Life is a journey of many steps and each step brings you closer to your destination. Obvious yes but also important. There is nothing wrong with fixing your eyes on a goal but all of the things that happen along the way are just as important. There are so many opportunities that we talk ourselves out of or miss because we worry about things that may never happen. We worry about roadblocks that don’t even exist yet.

We sacrifice the now because of what might happen tomorrow.

That doesn’t mean that we embrace life with careless abandon and don’t think about the consequences of our choices. It means that although we may have fears about what may happen, we see opportunities and fears for what they are and understand that embracing opportunity is a wonderful thing and that doors open all the time.