>Gay 101. Group fun.

>“Sex is fun with more than one, so hang on tight because I’m gonna…”

Ok chances are that unless you live in a bubble you will at some point be part of or at least hear about the joy that is the threesome, foursome (also know as the “fourgy”), fivesome, sixway, sevenway or the elusive ORGY.

Some guys prefer to stick to one on one but for those of us who are little bit more adventurous and who enjoy some variety group fun can be a gateway to delights that we dare not dream of.

Group fun like it’s one on one cousin can be amazing or a disaster so here are a few tips on making your sweaty pile ups something to remember.

– Make sure that if you are going to have group fun that you check out who everyone is playing for first.

It’s no good getting naked and then realising that you have stacked the team only with pitchers. You need to make sure you have a combination of tops and bottoms or things will very quickly fizzle. 

– Know your math.

3sm’s are great if the chemistry is right. Pay equal attention to both your partners. Being the meat in the sandwich rocks! but the danger here is that if one party member is not really in to it then it can kill the mood or you will end up one on one while somebody sits in the lounge-room watching TV.

Avoid couples if you can. This of course depends on the hotness scale, if Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron knock on your door go for it and send me the pictures. Couples often get a guest star in to spice up their sex life. The problem is that if you pay more attention to one over the other then jealously begins to set in. It’s no fun sitting there nursing a boner while your would be hookups have a domestic in the kitchen. If you do end up playing with a couple make a very quick exit after the deed is done. Don’t over stay your welcome and don’t hook up for any one on ones with either partner after the main event. 

Fourgys rock because you can swap and mix things up a little. They tend to end up as two couples.

5sms tend to end up as a 3sm and a 2sm in the same room. Of course it depends on the chemistry. If its 4 tops and one bottom then things really get interesting! If you end up in a 5sm then make the effort to be the “bridge”. Being the center of attention has it’s perks!

Anything more than that and you have a real party on your hands hehe.

– Remember the difference between fantasy and reality.

Sure the 3sm with the 2 drunk straight boys after the football is hot (a story for another time hehe), but remember the reality of what you are doing. The internet is full of porn scenes of barebacking gangbangs, group hook ups in public places, locker-room shower scenes and orgies. It is easy to get carried away and whilst your attention is on one person another slips in and before you know it your getting fucked bareback, doing something dangerous or doing something you don’t want to do. Be aware of what is going on around you.

– Play safe!

– Use rubbers and lube.

– Make sure it’s consensual. Getting involved in the old “football team, drunken night out” cocktail is only going to end in tears.

And as always have fun!