>My next exhibition.


Many of you ask to be kept up to date with my photographic exploits and often ask me to post more of my work here.

Over the past 2 weeks, and coming up over the next 2 weeks I have been and will be working on my next exhibition. I have been asked to put together a show as part of the Victorian State of Design Festival. The show will be displayed on the second level at Melbourne Central at a date yet to be confirmed in July.

The show will combine my 2 passions in photography, Dance and Architecture in a look at the way in which people interact and move through the spaces in which we work and play. The focus of the images will be on the dancers but with a sensitivity to the environment and specifically the architecture around them. It has proved very challenging so far and I am excited about the images I have. The great thing about any concept is that even while implementing it, it is still evolving.

The locations are places around Melbourne that I feel give great insight into the character of Melbourne, not just the tourist traps. I plan to have about 8 images by the time I am done and I am looking forward to the final result.

Stay tuned for more details.