>Gay 101. Posting your ass all over the internet.


Ok so as a gay man who has posted his ass all over the internet I believe I can speak with some authority on this one. I often get asked questions about how I feel about living so openly online and that includes the pictures I post.

As a gay man, at some point you may or may have already contemplated posting pictures of yourself online. Whether it’s Grindr, Gaydar, Manhunt, Adam4adam or Ebay there are a few things you should know.


Lighting is important when photographing yourself. Even snapping a shot in the mirror with your iPhone can be tricky if you don’t get the lighting right. Bathroom lights can be very blue and cold. Cold white light will highlight any flaws in your skin tone and the Twilight look is soooooooo 2 years ago. Try taking your pictures in a warmer light, it will do wonders for your healthy glow. Another tip is to try and avoid harsh lighting or direct sunlight. Pick lighting that is soft and ambient. Light is better from the side rather than from above. Avoid harsh shadows on your face which often looks like bags under your eyes.


Experiment with the best angle for your booty. Stand with your feet apart, twist, turn, bend and fluff until you find your good side. The beauty of the digital age is that you can take a 100 shots and then pick only the best few. Keep the camera high and level. Pointing the camera up or down can make your body look out of proportion. Sometimes a close up on your best feature is the way to go. Remember bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Be proud and flaunt it.

What to wear.

Chances are you are gonna be taking the shot in your underwear or topless. Make sure you wear fresh undies. They should sit on the widest part of your hips and fit well. Remember often less is more. Unless your really brave keep your “bits” under wraps at least for a while anyways


Shower, shave and moisturize. If you feel fresh then your pics will look fresh. Confidence and a smile are sexy. Don’t be afraid to let your pictures say “damn I look good”. Do a few sit ups and push ups for a bit of extra pump if you like.

A final word.

Once something is on the net it is out there forever. The best way to avoid an embarrassing picture getting out there is to never take it in the first place. If your worried about being discrete then opt for shots that don’t show your face and then keep a spare face pic handy.


We don’t all look like Abercrombie models and after working on Swimwear shoots I can guarantee you that all of the guys in these magazines have been photoshopped. I have heard editors and photographers talk about adding curves, bigger bulges and pumping up muscles.

Be proud of your looks because you are absolutely unique in this world.

Happiness and abundance everyone.