>Saturday morning cartoons.


Quite often on the fanpage I will leave a status update on a Saturday morning about getting up early to watch cartoons. I am a big fan of Ben 10 and Star Wars. My friends always have a chuckle when I tell them. It’s like people expect me to grow up eventually.

I heard a saying once, we don’t grow up we just learn how to act in public. What does it mean to grow up?

Remember the wonder you felt at the world when you were a child? What if everyday you could wake up and face the day with that same wonder.

Thursday night I was in the city and I walked past a fountain. You know the kind. It was one of those typical city fountains where water runs down a wall. Somebody had written a message on the fountain by sticking leaves to the walls surface. As I crossed the street and turned back to look I saw that the some people exiting the nearby theatre had stopped to look and add their own messages in leaves. It reminded me of a dance party in Sydney where the crowd was given pavement chalk and allowed to draw on the footpaths. Adults were playing joyfully, reveling in the simple childish pleasures of making chalk drawings and words out of leaves.

As our worlds get faster and adult pursuits take over it’s important to take the time nurture our inner child. Being able to take a break from our stresses and do things that bring us simple pleasure is what makes life enjoyable. Stomping in puddles, running through piles of autumn leaves, pulling faces, jumping on the bed and all those things we stopped doing because people told us to grow up are what keep us young at heart.

I dare you to try one of those things today.

To borrow a line,

“Don’t lose your inner dinosaur.”

Enjoy those childish pleasures without guilt.