>Mario Kart rocks!

>Mario Kart rocks! Especially after a big night out when all you want to do is hang out on the couch in your underwear and relax.

I’ve been sucked in to Mario Kart recently by the reemergence of the “boys night” amongst my mates. It’s become a bit of a Saturday night ritual to have games, beer and junk food. Usually Pizza or Burgers.

When we are not insulting each other, laughing at each others hook up disasters or debating the merits of double penetration we are usually laughing cheering and having a really good time.

I think sometimes we forget how valuable these opportunities for bonding with our mates really are. We often neglect friendships as the world and it’s day to day events get in the way.

Friends are a valuable and rare commodity in todays world and these friendships need to be nurtured. I have friends all around the world some of whom I have seen only once in a couple of years but we always make the effort to catch up when we can even if it only by email or on Facebook. As the world gets faster and faster our friends become more and more important. They are a rock for us to anchor ourselves to when things get tough or when we need advice.

Whatever happens friendships like everything need attention and love. Sometimes friends come into out lives for a long time, sometimes they are only there for a short time but everybody who is a part of our lives is sent by the Universe to teach us something about ourselves.

Next time you have some spare time grab the phone and call somebody you haven’t seen in a while.

I look forward to next weeks beer and pizza and the inevitable arguments over who gets to be Princess Peach.

Peace 🙂 x