>Too much rain and not enough speedos make Shannon go CRAZY!


Well it’s been a disappointingly wet and and cold summer this year with very few opportunities to get out and about in Speedos. Not good for a Speedo addict. Of course I wear speedos in all kinds of weather but I am missing the Sydney beaches a lot.

It’s also Mardi Gras time up in Sydney and I made a decision not to attend this year. I felt that I needed a break and after marching the last 2 years just going along to watch would simply not be the same. I did that once before and I can only describe the feeling of watching after knowing what it is like to march as heart breaking.

I knew that when I decided to focus on work that some things would have to be sacrificed this year. There is light at the end of the tunnel however as I  have been invited to Hawaii to spend some time there in May with some friends. If work is good then I will definitely be going. A big gay time in Hawaii will be a perfect break from winter here in Melbourne.

There is always something new and awesome to look forward too. Often when we get depressed or down we blind ourselves to all the cool things that are coming up in our lives and we fail to notice all the awesome people around us.

I have decided to remedy my speedo situation by going back to training with my old waterpolo buddies. I am not sure if I want to compete again by I really enjoyed the training and it’s a chance to get my speedos out of mothballs after this awful summer.

I have also been looking at Life Saving clubs here in Melbourne. There is no surf here as we are on a bay but there are still clubs and it would be a great way of meeting some new faces I think and staying involved with such and amazing organization


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