>Masturbation for the mind.


A lot of people who find out about the blog ask me about how comfortable I am with allowing so many people to know so much about me. My life is an open book.

As much as I exercise my body a healthy mind is also important to a persons well being.

Writing and interacting with all my friends around the world has helped me to open my mind and experience things I would never have dreamed were possible at this time in my life.

Keeping a journal is a great way of meditating on your day to day life. Sometimes keeping a journal is a great way to speak about the events in your life that you don’t feel you can talk about to anybody else. When I was in high school I kept a journal for 3 years. I wrote in it nearly every day. It got me through some very difficult times. Now when I go back and read through some of the entries I am suprised by how different I was.

A journal lets you vent your frustrations, examine your feelings and sometimes work through things that are too hard to talk about with your friends. Introspection is a valuable thing.

Writing for me is a very cathartic experience. After a bad break up I wrote a letter to my ex. I never gave him the letter but the very act of writing it made me feel so much better. It allowed me to release a lot of the pain I was feeling.

For those of you who may be struggling with feelings or emotions that you are having difficulty expressing try writing about how you feel. Nobody else needs to see it, but the act of writing will relieve some of your pain or stress. You can even try keeping a journal. You don’t have to write in it everyday, just when you have something on your mind. I know it will help.