>K, so I’m into this one guy at my school, but I’m super shy around him and am a bit intimidated by him. Also, he’s quite hard on himself and would never believe anyone would be into him. Also, he doesn’t know I’m gay (I’m only out to a few people) Advice?


Ok this is a tricky one but I’ll try to help as much as I can. School crushes can be hard to negotiate especially if you are Gay. You haven’t mentioned if you know whether he is Gay or not. This is important because if he isn’t or you don’t know, then you could be setting yourself up for heart break.
If he isn’t Gay he may not be too happy with your advances. It may make him feel uncomfortable and worst case it could lead to trouble for you at school. You need to be sure first that he is also Gay.


the best advice I can give when you are interested in somebody is to simply talk to him. I know it is easier said than done but what most people don’t realize is that everybody no matter what their background or how good looking they are is afraid of rejection. Talking and striking up a friendship is the best way to get to know somebody and it’s the best way for them to get to know you too. If you have a common interest then that makes things easier. Keep an eye out for things that he enjoys.

I would also suggest that you do it outside of school. Maybe go to the movies or something like that where you can be free of the stresses that being at school brings.

Take it easy, once you have broken the ice some subtle flirting might get things moving.

Make eye contact, use open body language and even a gentle touch will let him know that you are interested.

It’s common to feel intimidated by the object of your affection, this is natural. Just remember that even if he doesn’t feel that same way if you take it easy you will still have the chance to make a great friend.