>I am smitten with Number Four


Last night I went to see I am Number Four starring Alex Pettyfer.

I am smitten with number four. I am unashamedly a sci-fi geek. I love all things science fictiony from Star wars to Star Trek and Babylon Five with everything in between, so when I saw the preview for I am Number Four I wet my pants. Even before I knew Alex was going to be starring I had made the decision to go and see it.

I Am Number Four is a science fiction novel by Pittacus Lore. The book was published by HarperCollins on August 3, 2010, and has spent 6 weeks on the children’s chapter of The New York Times Best Seller list.

After seeing the movie I will definitely be going out to buy the book and hopefully the sequel which is set to be released in August.
The movie itself is pretty good for those of us not too concerned with specifics. I like my movies to be entertainment. Ignore the huge flaw in the plot where the story moves from sunny Florida to cloudy Ohio, reducing the opportunities for gratuitous shirtless shots of a smoldering Alex Pettyfer. Explosions, eye candy and special powers are all I need when I am in the mood for a bit of fun.
So yes I will be going to see this movie again and again. I will be drifting of to sleep with visions of Alex Pettyfer and Taylor Lautner wrestling topless in oil in my head.
The simple fact is that growing up as a gay teenager meant that most of the time places like the Star Trek universe with it’s endlessly optimistic view of humanity or the Star Wars Universe with its flawed heros were a refuge from day to day life. In a time of my life where relatable role models were hard to come by these characters became my family. Like me they had secret identities, parts of themselves they could not share. Yet all were blessed with virtues and abilities that those around them treasured and valued, the message though subtle was soul fortifying at the time.
So here I am out and proud as a science fiction fan.