>Gay 101. The fag hag.


I was recently asked on Formspring what is a Fag Hag?

Thus begins my series Gay 101. A series of posts to bring light to a few corners of Gay slang and terminology.

Lesson one. The Fag Hag; a look on the lighter side.

A Fag Hag is a female friend who prefers the company of Gay men over straight men or who has more gay friends than straight ones. They are usually found fawning over a gay boy or man who is often the subject of unrequited love.

Some woman take offense to the term Fag Hag as it is derived from the word Faggot and a Hag is often referred to as an evil old woman. Fag Hags are otherwise know as Fairy godmothers, homo honey, fruit loops, Goldilocks, and flame dames.

The Fag hag can often be found hanging around the Gay night club usually in the area of the bathrooms waiting patiently for her Gay Man to finish off his trick or on the dance floor with hand bag in tow yelling at the top of her voice “OMG this is so awesome”.

Fag Hags can also be a gay mans best friend. They are a great person to talk to when your guy mates just wouldn’t understand. A woman’s point of view can always ways offer another perspective. They also make great designated drivers and are a great wingman when you are going out until you meet that Mr right now.

So gay boys around the world, look after your gal friends. They are the shoulders we cry on. They pick us up when we are drunk on the dancfloor in our Abercrombie and Fitch. They hold our heads over the bowl when we are sick and they keep our lip gloss in their purses when we are out,

and we couldn’t live without them.