>Something new.


You may have noticed a few changes to the blog. For sometime now I have been concerned about the loading time of the blog as I add more and more images, links and widgets to the sidebar.

Thanks to Lucas over at Top to Bottom I have been able to add tabs which will now lead you to some new and old features of the blog and will allow me to remove some of the clutter from my sidebar.

GLBTI Youth Help will be the page for links to GLBTI youth support and other posts of that nature.

The Vault will be your one stop shop for all those pictures of me that people have been requesting over the years.

Eye Candy will be the new home of the hottie of the week and other gratuitous images of hotness from around the internet.

Facebook, Ask me anything, Shannon TV and Twitter will be the place to go for links to all my social networking sites so that you can stay in contact for instant updates on new posts.

Thanks again for your continued support for the blog and I hope that you continue to read and enjoy.