>First, are you attracted to men of all ages? And two, when it comes to a relationship are you more interested in men that are close to your age?


Who I am attracted to has always been quite varied. I have often though that my “type” was the typical blonde jock but over the years I have noticed that this is most certainly not the case. I have dated guys of a variety of ages. Sometimes younger, sometimes older.

Attraction is a funny thing. You can meet a guy who is physically beautiful but have no attraction and then meet someone you would not normally have thought you were attracted to and hit it of instantly.

Physically I will admit that a pair of rockin arms, a flat stomach and a bubble butt get me going every time but so does intelligent conversation and a kind heart.

I guess i’d look for somebody who is within 5 years of my own age but I am always open to new friendships and possibilities.

Some of my older friends like to date younger guys. They find them energizing.
Some of my younger friends like to date older guys because they like the stability. They like the fact that their potential partner is accomplished and mature.
There has always been ageism in the gay community especially amongst GLTBI youth who look on older gay men as predatory. To some degree this is our own fault. We have allowed a culture to develop when young gay men are valued for their sexuality first and foremost. 
Some of the most enduring and rewarding friendships I have had are with older members of the gay community and I would not trade them for any number blonde jocks and bubble butts.
What do you think?

Is age a prerequisite for you when looking for a partner and why?