>Equality through discrimination.


Over the past few weeks I have been going out clubbing on weekends and I have noticed a disturbing policy at one of my favorite venues.

The club has in the past caused much debate both in the mainstream community and in the GLTBI community for it’s policy of banning girls and straight men from entering the venue. This ban is justified by the argument that it is a venue catering specifically to Gay men and the venue operators want to maintain a safe comfortable environment where gay men can enjoy a night out.

Now I am the first person to say yehaaaa! to being able to enjoy a dance floor with out having to share it with a bunch of drunk girls on a hens night waving their handbags around. They simply don’t understand the social etiquette of gay venues.

I also like to be able to enjoy a night out without being gawked at and groped by a bunch of girls who don’t understand that such behavior is inappropriate regardless of sexuality. If I grabbed you on the breasts in a straight venue i’d get thumped and swiftly booted out by a pumped up security guard in a tight t-shirt, so what makes you think it’s ok to do it to me simply because I am a non threatening gay boy?

But, I would never ban girls from coming. If the venue wants to create a safe environment then get smarter security guards!

But I digress.

The source of my recent indignation is the policy in the venue of not even allowing straight couples to even show affection…


How can we demand diversity and freedom to express who we are, and to love who we want when we refuse the same rights to others?

Sure the chance of a straight couple getting “straight bashed” in a gay club is small compared to a gay couple getting bashed in a straight venue but this argument is irrelevant. Rights to freedom of love and sexual identity are universal.

Interestingly not a single person I have spoken to about this supports this policy, in fact most laugh and call it ridiculous.

The club argues that this kind of behavior makes gay men uncomfortable. This is simply lazy. What makes me uncomfortable is the fact that we discriminate against people based on their sexuality. That’s the bottom line, there is no other argument. Your sexuality makes you different and what your do to each other makes us uncomfortable so we are banning it… sounds familiar doesn’t it.

I hate to use a cliche but i’ll finish with an old saying,

“people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks”.

What do you think? Do you agree with this “no straight love” policy?