>Just another notch

>Just another notch on the timeline. Thats what we are.

This weekend I went to see the Eagles in concert. A mate of mine had an extra ticket and asked me if I wanted to go. I never really thought about the Eagles, in fact I think most of their music was written before I was born but I always like to give new things a try. At first when my mate said we should go I have to admit that my initial response was “why?”. Every time I told a friend I was going I received the exact same response, why?

The concert itself was pretty good. They definitely made an impression on me and I didn’t realize that many of the songs I used to sing in the car with Mum on the way to school were written by the Eagles. It seems she may be a fan too.

The point is that you never know when or where the Universe is going to throw a lesson at you.

As I was sitting there listening to a killer Guitar solo I was reminded just how important it is to approach experiences that are offered to you with an open mind, seriously that guitar solo blew my mind completely out of my body. I was also thinking about the fact that many ( who am I kidding, nearly all) of the members of the audience were probably listening to this music long before I was born and it struck me that there is a whole universe of experience going on out there around me. Around me but not without me because that enormous chain of experience touches my life in even the smallest ways everyday.  It began millennia ago and will continue on until the end of time itself and possibly even beyond.

The breadth and diversity of human experience is something that is almost too great to even comprehend. All across the world people are living and experiencing their own universe in their own unique way.

It bakes your noodle.