Well, I made it and I am finally back online after 4 days in the internet wilderness hehe.

My last weekend in Sydney was great fun, made even more so by the fact that I got to spend it with some great mates. My Friend S came up from Melbourne to help me move my stuff and we spent the weekend partying and saying my farewells.

Saturday was the DNA Splash pool party. Fortunately DNA asked me to do the photography for the day and I was able to get myself and a couple of friends (S & T) on the door list. It was a brilliant day. The sun was shining. It was one of those stunning Sydney days that makes you think twice about your decision to leave. The party kicked off with a swimwear parade. The models were hot and I had a great time wandering through the maze a hotties and in my speedos with the camera. The Party was held on the pool deck of the Ivy Night Club in Sydney and I have to say that it was a stunning venue. Normally I am sunning my self on the beach so it was a real treat to be walking through the middle of the city in my shorts with a towel. What a fantastic way to say good bye to Sydney.

Sunday was the Salute to Summer Cruise on Sydney Harbor. Again I was asked to do the photography so I headed down to the wharf with S and T. The weather was not as amazing as Saturday but the harbor views and the great party on the boat more than made up for it. I have to admit that as we cruised past all the beautiful landmarks on Sydney Harbor I did get a little sentimental but I still was looking forward to the next part of my adventures. After finishing up the cruise we had to walk through the city and so I decided why not say goodbye with a bang, or a speedo as it was. T and I stripped down to or speedos and after a quick play in the Hyde Park Fountain decided to walk up Oxford st. Good Bye Sydney.

Finally Monday came round and we packed up the U-Haul and headed out of the city after saying some final goodbyes.

I have to admit that I was a little stressed out over the weekend because I did not have a place to live. It is really difficult at the moment to find rentals around Sydney and Melbourne that are affordable and not falling apart. I got knocked back from 4 places over the past 2 weeks and I was getting more and more concerned that I would be living on couches again. But I kept telling myself it would be ok, the right place will come at the right time and my direct line to the Universe came through. Halfway to Melbourne I got a phone call telling me that I had been approved for a place and was able to collect the keys anytime. PHEW relief, thank you Universe.

So now I am back in Melbourne and I have started to settle in. I am really loving my new place. I am living in one of the most vibrant, colorful areas of Melbourne and I can already feel the energy of the place seeping back into my bones.

I am really keen to show you my new digs but I am still working on getting a couch and a few other things so I will wait until it is all finished up before I post some pictures. I can tell you though that is really feeling a lot like home and the kitchen is brilliant which helps because there is less chance that I will burn it down. It even came with a dish washer… OMG LUXURY!

After living in share houses most of my life I had forgotten just how much goes into setting up a home. Things you take for granted like knives and forks, rubbish bins, even tooth brush holders and cups become important. I never really thought about these things because they just always seemed to be around.

I didn’t even own a TV or a fridge until a few days ago.

My place also has a big balcony which is going to be great for summer. I am thinking about putting a blow up pool and some deck chairs out there.

So stay tuned for all the adventures in Melbourne this Summer. Its going to be amazing!