>Hard bulging straight boys.


I was dreading not being able to work with my trainer now that I am back in Melbourne. I know that much of my progress is due to his hard work. The gym in my local area is a bit disappointing. It’s crowded and does not have the same equipment as my gym back in Sydney but it does have one thing… HOT straight boys. 
My gym in Sydney was on Oxford street and filled with hot Gay boys walking around like preening peacocks. Who am I kidding. I was one of them. I never really bought into the HOT straight boy thing until I discovered my gym here in Melbourne. I think it’s the allure of what you can’t have that makes them so hot. I am also attracted to strong masculine Guys. 5 o’clock shadows, grunting and sweating are a huge aphrodisiac, but herein lies the conundrum.
It is a pretty widely accepted stereotype that Gay men are more effeminate than their straight counterparts but is it a stereotype that we promote ourselves?
How many times have you been on a dating site and seen the words “straight acting guys only”. What do you think would happen if they msg’d you, “what are you into?” and you replied “eating pussy”. Do our prospective dates really expect us to take them out for a nice evening of fine dining and then a night of dancing around a sweaty room while the music goes doof doof doof, whilst checking out the righteous (female) babes? I would suggest that anybody who has sex with men is not straight by the very definition. The whole thing is crazy and enough to bake anybodies noodle just thinking about it.
When we talk about “acting Gay” in the context of personal traits, most people will identify a Gay acting male as having effeminate traits and straight acting as having masculine traits. As right or as wrong as this is the unmistakable fact is that we are assuming by proxy that Straight men are masculine men and Gay men must be effeminate men. This is simply not true.
I have met many Gay men who have been masculine, rugged, un-shaven, grunting specimens of homoerectus and many straight men who have been the opposite. I have lost count of the number of times people have said to me, “But you don’t act Gay”, or “We thought you were straight”. What they really mean is, “But you don’t wear makeup and drink Chardonnay”.
I think at the end of the day I will just do my best not to buy in to labels. I will continue to ogle hot men gay or straight in loose shorts with their sweaty hair, obvious bulges and heaving muscles because, I am after all only human.
To hell with what other people think, and to hell with straight acting. Just be yourself, whoever that may be. The people who are really important won’t care because it is the very things that make you who you are that people will love you for, not how much you grunt when cracking open a stubbie.